Curriculum Vitae

Overview and Selected Accomplishments

  • Experienced System Administrator and Entrepreneur.
  • Established successful computer consultancy and brand based on market research and needs. – Solutions3
  • Automated deployment of client web servers – Trapeze
  • Design and installation Technical Lead of over 60 screens for an interactive retail digital signage solution. – Trapeze
  • Deployed private cloud infrastructure (vSphere) – Trapeze / Union Advertising
  • Saved millions by fixing emergency production issues at production facility – Gesturetek
  • Management of Demo floor consisting of several computer camera tracking touch technologies. – Gesturetek
  • Educating / Training and Coaching computer technologies for newcomers – Progress Career Planning Institute


Solutions3. 2013-Current
Senior Linux Administrator and Digital Signage Expert

  • Established successful computer consulting practice and brand
  • Server and Workstation Management for Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Established reseller status with known brands
  • Able to quickly adapt and manage new environments

Trapeze / Union Advertising Canada. 2011-2013 – Current Solutions3 client
Senior Linux Administrator and Digital Signage Expert

  • Digital Signage Deployment in Retail
  • Vendor Management (both Digital Signage and infrastructure)
  • Infrastructure management and upgrades (Installation of private cloud infrastructure)
  • Client web server deployments
  • Desktop and user management

Gesturetek 2008-2011
Senior Information System Administrator, Technician.

  • Making non fault tolerant infrastructure to a enterprise class fault tolerant system
  • Vendor Management
  • Client and Trade Show installations / Presenting and Exhibiting
  • Crisis Management
  • Product Alpha/Beta Testing and reporting
  • Desktop and user management

Aardcom 2008-Current Solutions3 client
Mobile System Administrator, Technician.

  • Install registration systems, printers and database software at trade shows around North America
  • Staff training on trade show registration systems and operations

Progress Career Planning Institute 1996-2008
Information System Administrator, Instructor and Digital Coach

  • Trade Show Management and planning – Internationally Educated Professionals
  • Database Administration/Programming
  • Taught basic computers to new users and coached Co-op students
  • Infrastructure Management

Soft Skills Profile

Public Speaking Developed effective presentations by using various instructional techniques appealing to different learning styles.  Speak in yearly IEP Conference to newcomers to Canada about the IT Industry.  Past representative for Progress Career Planning Institute, and Gesturetek at various trade shows.

Process Development In my current role, employee turn-over in the marketing industry is standard practice.  Therefore, development of internal processes and check lists are most important to ensure proper business continuity.  Process development is a large part of current position.

Entrepreneurial Highly customer service oriented. Established a successful computer consulting practice based on results from in-depth research of market needs.  Gained excellent business, marketing, and communications understanding.

Sales Being self employed has brought out natural sales skills required to stay in business and make new clients feel at ease with Solutions Cubed services

Specialized Skill Profile

Network Administration Skilled in the maintenance of various cross-platform computer networks for entire generations of equipment. Extremely knowledgeable in Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS/X.
Development of best practices and system policy.

Trade Show/Mobile Networks Working with Aardcom International Event Services as a mobile tech and representing past employers at various shows, has increased trade show knowledge from show move-ins and out’s as well as working on the floor.  Management of front line staff.

Systems Design/Implementation + Digital Signage Experienced in the planning and designing of hardware specifications for complete cost effective networks including relocations and expansions.  Also experience planning Digital Signage Rollouts in excess of 60 Display Devices

Technical Skill Profile

Operating Systems All Windows and Windows Server plat form experience.   Redhat/Fedora/SuSE/Ubuntu Linux, General UNIX, Android, MacOS/X, iOS

Programing Languages PHP, HTML, Unix Scripting, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic, VB for Database

Applications Microsoft Office 97-Current/365, OpenOffice, ArcServe, Maximizer, Fortress 101, Norton/AVG/Avast/NOD/ESET/Kaspersky Antivirus, Storix, SAMBA, Apache, MySQL, Ikiwiki, Subversion, ActiveCollab, VMWare ESXi, vSphere (VMWare), G-Suite and many more.

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This document was updated March/2017

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